Saturday, September 4, 2010

Electronic Cigarette and Open Source?

Oh my goodness! I just saw a banner add for Electronic Cigarette, the geek in me became curious... so I found this video about it on posted by...

I may freak'in be crazy, but it got me thinking about an open source e-cigarette and as always on the Internet we are never alone in our ideas.

Wish I had time to play with the idea (fyi--I don't smoke! Just a geek that thinks building one of these with an ATMEL AVR processor or MicroChip PIC and publishing the BOM (bill of materials) and schematics would be very very cool. Maybe I could find some time, since it is so closely related to Health Care and the FDA (see the other videos posted at which show the FDA discussions on Electronic Cigarettes. Maybe I should push this Blog Post over to

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Open Source Hardware Hacks are on a huge rise, if you are interested at all ping me.