Monday, December 29, 2008

Software Executive Producer

So, why doesn't the software industry have the concept of the "Producer"; like the Recording and Film industry? We have taken our concepts from traditional construction and architecture, for terms like Developer, Architect, Project Manager; rather than from more creative industries like Film and Recording, for Producer and Director. Maybe it is time to blend the industries. Macromedia tried to do this a long time ago with their product, now Adobe Director.

Steve Horn sent me this blog posting about a Chief Engineer;

Reminded me of the discussions Steve and I have had in the past about publishing interviews with people in different fields (architects, general contractors, videography/film, television producer, etc.) about their roles and how those roles might relate to roles in the Software Development Life-cycle (Software Product Development).

I remember; I was talking to a client a year or two ago about the need for developing some Flash code. And, when I suggested a couple people to do the work; I said, "that is why there are so many names in the credits of movies"; because if you want "A+" quality work--you need people that are "A+" in each specific area. Just more evidence supporting the need for a Software Executive Producer.

I changed my twitter description to include Software Producer.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Direct Email Business Introductions...

Twitter wasn't long enough for this experience.

So, I just got an email that I was about to respond to from an individual requesting a brief phone call; it was a business introduction; and it was very specific and sent to my email address. I realized after a moment that, oh, they probably got my email from a conference this past summer that I had given my name and email to for networking. Crap! That is why for usersfirst; I have two emails I give out--one for lists (petemail) and one for direct contact--so I can recognize the difference. I need to do that with also.

Here's some advice for email introductions, especially those requesting a phone call, please specify how you got someone's name in addition to why they might be interested in talking with you.

I'm still learning this Internet thing after 12 years of developing for it! I don't ever see it stopping--the learning this Internet thing--that is!

Pete Gordon