Monday, December 29, 2008

Software Executive Producer

So, why doesn't the software industry have the concept of the "Producer"; like the Recording and Film industry? We have taken our concepts from traditional construction and architecture, for terms like Developer, Architect, Project Manager; rather than from more creative industries like Film and Recording, for Producer and Director. Maybe it is time to blend the industries. Macromedia tried to do this a long time ago with their product, now Adobe Director.

Steve Horn sent me this blog posting about a Chief Engineer;

Reminded me of the discussions Steve and I have had in the past about publishing interviews with people in different fields (architects, general contractors, videography/film, television producer, etc.) about their roles and how those roles might relate to roles in the Software Development Life-cycle (Software Product Development).

I remember; I was talking to a client a year or two ago about the need for developing some Flash code. And, when I suggested a couple people to do the work; I said, "that is why there are so many names in the credits of movies"; because if you want "A+" quality work--you need people that are "A+" in each specific area. Just more evidence supporting the need for a Software Executive Producer.

I changed my twitter description to include Software Producer.

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