Thursday, January 1, 2009


10 Goals for 2009... (in no particularly special order)

More International Exposure. Visit Africa and Amsterdam. This should be a definite; because we have already been planning it for Take a course in Mandarin Chinese Deepen my international relationships, in my field of expertise (sofware, hardware, technology, health care) and outside of my field of expertise.

Organize and Automate my business more. Business filings, taxes, structure must get automated this year. So that everything is submitted on-time, and the process flows! This may mean, I get a new accountant--if they don't get with the 21st century! And, I am thinking my daughter is now old enough at eight that she can maybe start doing some minor paperwork, scanning and emailing. That just occurred to me; and that would be great; maybe I can hire her as my assistant, perfect!

Do Video on the Internet. I am going to use video to communicate with others this year. I have neglected it, and don't have a good video camera. Kinda funny, since I have a software portable usability lab that uses Apple iSight cameras (iSights are now no longer available). But, I am thinking about maybe video taping interviews with Film/Television Producers, Building Architects, General Contractors, Professional Engineers; and then maybe getting them transcribed; and using them as resources for publishing an industry comparison for the software industry compared to other industries (Steve and I had talked about it; see earlier blog entry). The bottom line, there is a lot of value in communicating with video and I am going to do more of it this year.

Repeatable Sales Model. Repeatable Sales for Critical Systems; selling Health Care Managed IT Services and increasing Critical Systems revenue by 100%, with 2-5 new clients.

Time with family. Have a wonderful vacation, with my family. And, take Blake and Rachel to school at least once a week.

Lose 10 pounds. And exercise consistently. (wii fit, recumbant bike, and treadmill)

Dress more professionally. I'm still a little uncertain on this one; I love my t-shirt and jeans.

Spend time daily in worship and prayer. I'm pretty good at this, but some days and then some weeks--it slips away from me and that is when things fall apart.

Give more away. I'm really thinking of time and software here, but it is true across every area of life. I want to give more away in open source, like I want to have a couple open source projects that I am committed to, and see them grow in momentum and value. I want to see open source succeed in a sustainable business model, they are not mutually exclusive. It makes me thinking of communities of needs, creating mutually beneficial software and making it open source. Open Source Polysomnography software anyone?

Listen more and talk less. Enough said.

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