Thursday, April 5, 2007

Start things off... (Portfolio?)

Here I am again, after a few years of not blogging since my first attempt at a few writings back in 2005. I just picked up the domain name, after being encouraged to do so when reading about the need for a portfolio on IxDA mailing list. Not certain exactly how that is going to apply to Software Architecture, Project Management, and Software Product Development, but I have some ideas--we'll see where I can go with them. Like doing some screen grabs, and putting together some UML diagrams and Use Case Specifications, and some code. We'll see. Right now we'll start here. The thing about Software is that it never seems done, one thing with designs--you have a clear end when the design is accepted and begun to be used. With software it seems that once the product starts to be used (if the product starts to be used) it is just the beginning of the changes and the more work to be done.

Here are the things I am working on right now...

VisualMark Portable User Experience Lab on the Mac
.NET E-Commerce product I am thinking about opensourcing
Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family
- Unemployment Compensation Tax System (ERIC). Independent Validation and Verification under a Battelle contract, focused on J2EE Architecture. -- Online Electronic Record Keeping for Aircraft Ownership and Maintenance. Very cool .NET technology and business.

And some things I have worked on in the past...
Movepoint -- Software sold as a service for back office functions for the local Moving and Storage Industry. Created by and used heavily by Leaders Moving.
SPS Commerce/fourthchannel Online Ordering -- this was my .com boom and bust roller coaster ride. Tons of fun! Dove deeper into a focused Software Engineering team of 15 or so people doing server side Java (J2EE).
American Electric Power -- My corporate experience before diving into the Internet, but still focused on Intranet development. Employee Self-Service, MSDS Tracking, lots of small and midsize projects from start to end. Kinda like a lone gun, searching out projects to do. Fun stuff! Learned a ton from some amazing people!
c.w. Costello, CBSI, and Covansys -- funny how the world goes around, Covansys is the Integrator on the ODJFS Unemploymnet Compensation Tax project I work on part-time now, although they sold the public sector business to Saber.