Friday, July 25, 2008

Twitter, Social Software, and the Internet

Ok, so I stepped into Twitter this week. I am kind of overwhelmed, I think it is "blog ADD". But, I am still considering it (how it works, its usefulness, everything). I think it is actually better than blogging for me (maybe I suffer from ADD). It is immediate, limited to 140 characters of text, "easily" accessible from my blackberry (compared to blogger).

Found that BarackObama was on Twitter... here and has ~50,000 followers. That is a strong indicator to the election I believe (note: I am not taking any sides as of yet--and may never take sides in this election--although I did promise my dad if Barak wins I would read his book the Audacity of Hope, that my dad got me). I am just amazed at the following, 2,000,000+ , and the idea of sharing such short thoughts and musings with other people that are (or are not) like minded. I read about ChaCha, and they do human responses to questions, and are doing it on twitter. I sent them a question about restaurants in Pickerington, Ohio... waiting for a response now... will see how well it works. They pay their guides about $0.20 a question, amazing. Some of the public questions/answers I read were not that good, but one about the alcohol level of Leffe was excellent. The question was "how strong is Leffe", and I didn't even know what Leffe was until I read the question and did some research on it.

Twitter is definitely an amazing application of social technology and search. I love the trending charts they have... ... Reminds me of Google Trends, but this is stuff people are communicating to others rather than just searching for. I guess it is the difference between asking a question of the Internet, or making a statement to it (the mind of the Internet).

Much to think about.


DS said...

Is this Peter J. Gordon? I found you. Are you on Facebook? It is I your long lost tenant of 13 years ago when I rented a room from you in Westerville OH and we enjoyed a Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout now and then....Dave Stoltzfus.

Anonymous said...

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