Saturday, May 31, 2008


So, I stumbled on Haley House ( through a news article on USA Today about ( And, watched the video trailer about Haley House. about 4 minutes into it... a woman that does farming for homless people (Noon Day Farm) connected with Haley House said.... "dependency is profitable". That statement really struck me, as containing a powerful truth within it. Just look at credit cards, mortgages, materialism, consumerism, and the definitions of "needs" (obviously the definitions of "needs" varies between economies, cultures, individuals) and you will that dependency is profitable. I need clean water, electricity, natural gas, indoor plumbing, cell phone, I need broadband Internet, I need my home/house. Now granted even as I mention these, I guess I don't need them--but they sure are nice. There is a dependency ratio that is used in macro economics for things like social security, maybe we need an individual dependency ratio for items or categories of items.

Oh well, thought the quote, "dependency is profitable" was very intriguing and contains truth. Although, I don't believe you can legislate or force away dependency....
You can only educate, share, enlighten, and support Independence. Thus the value of Free Markets over Dependency Theory.

Here is the full quote from the video...
"It is a complete challenge to the entire system of this country to be self-sufficient. This country only cultivates dependency, because dependency is profitable."

After re-reading the full quote, it is almost insulting. This country DOES NOT only cultivate dependency. But, this country has cultivated dependency--and for that it is wrong! Here is a ethical/moral question for you... "Is it ever moral to cultivate dependence?" "Can you not be evil by cultivating dependence?"

I immediately think of my children... they are solely dependent upon my wife and I (and our family, community to a lesser degree). While I would never say I wish to cultivate dependence in them, I work to cultivate independence...but I also work to cultivate obedience, discipline, love, caring. Final thought, be very careful with the idea of "cultivating dependency". I believe it is a huge insult and ethically wrong to "cultivate dependence".

This leads me to another question of words, I had someone tell me once that in establishing business it was all about "leverage". Is "leverage" dependence? Wo... this is getting into free will and self-interest compared to selfless and altruism. Great topic to discuss over a glass of wine.

Got to love words!

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Pete Gordon said...

I was thinking of this again... read an interesting quote, that relates...

"Him that I love, I wish to be free -- even from me."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Freedom = Independence