Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reading, Software, Selling and Life

Finished "Why does software costs so much" a week ago or so... very good... very informative! Creating teams, collaboration, communication is the most important thing on software projects--not metrics to control developers. Finished Predictably Irrational about the same time. Behavorial Economists is a fascinating role... check out his blog post Medicine: A Lesson In Efficient Markets good stuff about HealthCare and Markets. Still Reading Undercover Economist.

Picked up Spin Selling yesterday, looks to be very intriguing. The story on the end of page 8 and top of page 9... really frustrated me... give me a hint as to the right answer or the solution--not just the problem of how he wasn't succeeding at selling. But the Risk of Mistakes section is great... I love his example of how easy it was to get a $40K sale when there was no risk of others perception on the outcome, and how difficult it was to get a $1500 sale from the same person when there was a risk of perception on the outcome. It confirms for me that sales is all about showing someone how you can help to make them successful, and bring about a successful outcome--in my opinion that is the center of the relationship aspect of selling. Integrity, Trust, the best interest of others. I believe those are the most important aspects of sales and business. I guess that is "Love your neighbor as your self". Which is 50% of the most important aspect of life, in addition to "love God".

Luke 10:27

I also picked up Code Complete, to read with a good business, .net friend (the only person that probably reads this blog--and he really doesn't have too--it is more self-journalling experience--Steve Horn).

We'll see how Code Complete turns out, it seems practicle and focused on Construction--which sounds good.

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hilary austin said...

software's cost should depend on its capabilities and the second thing to consider is that how much time it was been developed. It cost so much since it's not easy to code and try to come up with something working with out any errors. It's like making or inventing a electronic cigarettes that can make a smoker feels like smoking a real cigar.